Dear Friend,

Introducing, for the very first time, a beautiful new chesed organization that no doubt you will want to join: it’s called “Daven For Me And I’ll Daven For You.” “Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You”, was inspired by a poignant song sung by David Gabay on his new CD, titled Omar Dovid. Some of the stirring lyrics read, “Daven for me and I’ll daven for you, Oh, how I know your pain, I feel it too… Let’s storm the gates of Heaven we will break through, “כל המתפלל בעד חברו ” yes it’s true, so Daven for me and I’ll daven for you... What a magnificent concept! How brilliantly simple, logical and profound at once! When we are r”l faced with a specific challenge, we uniquely understand the pain of someone in similar straits and thus, our tefillos for them are most genuine and meaningful, while at the same time assuring us our respective yeshuah too, as per the Talmudic dictum, כל המתפלל בעד חברו והוא צריך לאותו דבר הוא נענה תחילה

One who davens on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, he is answered first!!! And just imagine the impact in Shamayim when the “Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You” tefillos collectively storm the heavens! Can any tefillos be more powerful than when we set aside our own suffering, and offer up tefillos paired with love and compassion on behalf of a fellow Jew who awaits the identical yeshua that we are hoping for? Joining this program is easy, costs you nothing, and is tremendously rewarding!!!

How it works:

1. There are 5 categories which we can daven for each other: Illness, Childlessness, Shidduchim, Hatzlacha with Children & Parnosa.
2. Upon signing up for a specific category, you will be paired up with another family in the same situation, and you will each be davening for each other. Most people would appreciate the nature of this mutually supportive relationship, but if confidentiality is desired, we can assure it completely. Your davening will consist of 5 specifically assigned perakim of Tehillim to be recited daily. With just a minimum membership of 30 families, we can assure daily recital of the entire Sefer Tehillim at least once. And for every additional group of 30 members, we can have the whole Tehillim recited another time daily.

To apply just complete the attached application and submit to us by mailing to Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You, 4403 15th avenue, suite 346, Brooklyn, NY 11219 or by faxing our office at 718-437-8802. You will receive a booklet with your designated tehillim, a copy of the song “Daven for Me and I’ll Daven For You” on CD and a contact list. Please note that if there is no longer a need to daven for yourself or your partner, please contact our office at 718-437-8812 so we can update our computerized data base. We look forward to have you join the “Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You” family and invoke yeshuos and refuos!